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    We’re excited to make your new kitchen.
    Tell us a little about it.

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    Store it away

    In an IFB kitchen, everything can be stored away
    behind easy to reach doors and drawers. Our wide
    range of accessories allows you quick access to all
    ingredients, pots and pans so that your kitchen is not
    only great to look at but also a pleasure to work in.



    Drawer Text

    All IFB Kitchens come
    with soft close hardware with
    a lifetime functional warranty.
    The fully extendable drawers mean
    that even the deepest corners of the
    drawer now see the light of day.


    Organised Storage

    An organised kitchen is a happy
    kitchen. With our range of
    accessories, previously hard to reach
    spaces become easily accessible.

    Keep your cutlery and kitchen utensils
    easy to find and close at hand.
    Cutlery Tray - 45/60/90cm

    Deep secrets Hidden behind the shutters, our range of accessories work hard to give you more storage.

    Easy access to every corner of your kitchen. Double Corner Pullout

    Make use of every nook and cranny with our range of
    corner unit accessories. Magic Corner

    Very little space is all you need to keep everything handy. Bottle Pullout - 15/20/30cm

    Tall Unit
    Pull out

    a place

    The Tall Unit Pull-out is ideal for keeping things in plain sight for
    when you need them and hiding them away when you don’t.
    Tall Unit Pullout - 45cm


    Our midway organisers help you utilise your
    kitchen walls while freeing up the countertop
    for cooking. They are available in a number of
    styles so you can choose the one that best
    suits the look of your kitchen.

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    The complete kitchen price includes cabinets, shutters, countertops, skirting, hinges, plinths, legs, drawers, knobs/handles. Your choice of lighting, accessories, sinks, taps and appliances are sold separately.