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    We’re excited to make your new kitchen.
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    Let’s Cocktail

    As the year draws to a festive close, with Diwali and Christmas peeking round the corner, you’re probably busy planning a whole slew of parties – laid back Sunday brunches, disco Diwali nights, easy-breezy terrace evenings, Christmas bonfires, and more. But making your party memorable enough to carry into the next year can be a real challenge! You’ll probably get the food, decor and guest list sorted easily enough, but bartending can be a bit of a daunting task, even if it’s in your own home.

    Set the bar high this year, with these easy-to-follow and quick-to-make recipes for the best cocktails of 2019. Remember to make enough – these recipes will leave your guests thirsty for more!

    Iced Irish Coffee

    Iced Irish Coffee | Best Cocktail Recipes - IFB Modular Kitchen

    120 ml strong coffee, chilled
    1 tablespoon caster sugar
    45 ml Irish whiskey
    30 ml heavy cream

    Combine the coffee, caster sugar, Irish whiskey and heavy cream in an ice-filled cocktail shaker
    Shake vigorously for about half a minute
    Strain into an ice-filled glass

    Cinnamon tequila hot toddy 

    Cinnamon Tequila Hot Toddy | Best Cocktail Recipes - IFB Modular Kitchen

    Ingredients (per glass) 
    30 ml cinnamon syrup* (1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup water and 3 cinnamon sticks reduced to a syrup)
    50 ml tequila
    5 parts hot water
    10 ml honey
    10 ml fresh lemon juice
    3 drops vanilla essence
    Cinnamon sticks to garnish

    Combine all ingredients in a glass. Stir and garnish with a cinnamon stick.

    Brandy egg flip

    Brandy Egg Flip | Best Cocktail Recipes - IFB Modular Kitchen

    60 ml brandy
    30 ml sugar syrup (boil equal parts water and sugar and cool)
    Whole egg
    Grated nutmeg to garnish

    Shake all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker
    Strain into stemmed cocktail glass
    Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg

    Rummy hot chocolate

    Rummy Hot Chocolate | Best Cocktail Recipes - IFB Modular Kitchen

    2.5 cup milk
    1/4 cup sugar
    2 tablespoons cocoa powder
    1 teaspoon vanilla essence
    150 gm chocolate shavings
    1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
    1/2 cup rum

    Bring the milk to a simmer in a small saucepan over medium heat
    Whisk in the sugar and cocoa powder, chocolate shavings and vanilla, and stir until no lumps remain
    Let it boil for a few minutes, then turn off the heat
    Add the rum and pour into cups

    Beer Cocktail

    Beer Cocktail | Best Cocktail Recipes - IFB Modular Kitchen
    4 bottles of beer
    1 cup tequila
    The juice of 3 limes Ice

    In a blender, combine the beer, tequila, lime juice and ice
    Pour into tall glasses and garnish with a wedge of lime

    Enjoy these with your guests and add them to the list of things that 2019 has taught you!

    Please drink responsibly


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    The complete kitchen price includes cabinets, shutters, countertops, skirting, hinges, plinths, legs, drawers, knobs/handles. Your choice of lighting, accessories, sinks, taps and appliances are sold separately.