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    We’re excited to make your new kitchen.
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    The 10 year warranty will cover the following parts of the IFB Kitchen – Duramax cabinets, laminate faced plywood shutters, shelves, plinths, legs, laminate faced plywood cover panels and granite countertops. We offer a lifetime functional warranty on hinges and drawer channels. The warranty is valid from the date of completion of installation of your IFB kitchen.

    The Warranty is valid for domestic kitchen use only and does not apply if the products have been used for public use, outdoors or in a corrosive environment. The warranty does not apply to products that have been used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered, stored incorrectly, cleaned with wrong cleaning methods or wrong cleaning products or damaged due to natural calamities. It does not cover normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, damage caused by accidents/impacts, waterborne debris or damage caused by non-compliance with maintenance guidelines. It does not cover any fault arising in the product due to tampering caused by any unauthorized personnel. Nor does it apply to damage due to any work carried out in the kitchen area post completion of installation of the kitchen. Delay in completion of installation owing to non-preparedness of the work site from the client’s end will result in the warranty becoming void. The warranty does not cover consequential or incidental damages.

    Products not covered under this warranty
    Appliances, sinks, taps, accessories, knobs,handles and composite countertops are covered under their own specific warranties. All Acrylic faced MDF shutters have a 5 year warranty.

    What we do to correct any problem(s)
    IFB will examine the product and decide, at its sole discretion, whether it is covered under the warranty. If deemed covered, IFB will then, at its sole discretion, either repair the defective product or replace the product with the same or comparable product. If the item is discontinued by IFB, IFB will provide appropriate replacement. IFB will determine, at its sole discretion, what constitutes an appropriate replacement. In such cases, the Company will be responsible for the cost(s) of repair(s), spare part(s), replacement part(s), labour and travel. Any defective part(s) will become the property of IFB Industries Ltd.

    Care instructions
    For the warranty to be applicable, please follow the care instructions provided with every product.

    General legal rights
    This warranty gives you specific legal rights. This warranty does not in any way affect the rights given to you by law.

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    The complete kitchen price includes cabinets, shutters, countertops, skirting, hinges, plinths, legs, drawers, knobs/handles. Your choice of lighting, accessories, sinks, taps and appliances are sold separately.