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    We’re excited to make your new kitchen.
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    We’re excited to make your new kitchen.
    Tell us a little about it.

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    General Care Advice

    • IFB Kitchens have been designed for preparing food and related tasks in the home and must not be used in a commercial kitchen environment. This also applies to related technical equipment such as electrical appliances, sinks, taps, etc.
    • Ensure adequate ventilation during cooking and ensure that steam does not condense on the furniture
    • Always use the chimney at the required power level
    • Avoid water spilling over
    • Do not operate coffee machines, electric kettles or toasters directly beneath the wall units
    • Never place hot utensils and objects directly on the worktop or other furniture elements
    • The oven door seal must keep the heat around the oven door frame to touchable limits
    • Wait 20 minutes after the dishwashing cycle ends, before opening the dishwasher so that the steam can condense within the dishwasher
    • Do not keep oven and dishwasher doors open for ventilation purposes
    • Do refer to the opening instructions and manuals to get the best out of your appliances and products
    • Do not allow children to play in the kitchen area

    Note: Non-compliance with the Maintenance Guidelines will result in the Warranty becoming void

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    The complete kitchen price includes cabinets, shutters, countertops, skirting, hinges, plinths, legs, drawers, knobs/handles. Your choice of lighting, accessories, sinks, taps and appliances are sold separately.