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We’re excited to make your new kitchen.
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Coming home

IFB Finished Projects | Coming Home | Customer Testimonial - IFB Modular Kitchen

Thomas | Customer Testimonial - IFB Modular Kitchen

When you know
We are Goan. My grandfather moved away from Goa to Mumbai when he was a young man. I grew up in the city. Life was hectic. Work was 24×7. One hardly had time but on one of those rare holidays I was able to take, I came back here. That’s when I knew – I would live in Goa one day.

Villa Flora
When I settled on making this villa my home, there were certain things I knew I did not want to change. The name given by the previous owners, 1942 Flora, and the handmade tiles. I was also certain that the villa retain some of its old world charm. I travelled all over to source antique furniture and had it restored. You will not recognize this furniture now from when I first bought it.

My kitchen
With the kitchen, I wanted a mix of old and new. Something that was modern, had all the conveniences but still felt like it was a part of the rest of the house. IFB put together a kitchen that fit what I had in mind – perfectly. The convenience of them doing the technical drawings, supervising all the work from start to finish was a plus.

IFB Finished Projects | A Lobour of Love | Customer Testimonial - IFB Modular Kitchen

Journey man
I have always wanted to travel, to see places. As a matter of fact, I went to Paris, Spain, Portugal recently. The small towns not just the big cities. Wherever I may be though, I always find my way back home.