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We’re excited to make your new kitchen.
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A time honoured tradition

A time honoured tradition - Your Stories Blog - IFB Modular Kitchen

Ms Antonio Braganza | Customer Review - IFB Modular Kitchen

Whisk. Bake. Love.
We are a family of bakers. My father-in-law set up our bakery in 1938. When I got married into this family, I had never imagined I would be so involved in the bakery. I believe that the secret of our success is the love and hard work all of us have put into this bakery. It has become part of who we are. My son Achim is the third generation of our family to be taking care of the bakery.

A family home
I remember when Achim was just 7 years old. He used to run through the bakery – our little helper. We lived in an apartment above the bakery back then. A few years ago, we decided to build our family home. Time flies, you know.

Getting the kitchen right 
As bakers, we are very close to our kitchen. We know that getting the kitchen right can be a difficult thing to do. The team at IFB made it so easy for us. We wanted our kitchen to be spacious so that we could all enjoy cooking together. From planning the layout with us to the execution on site, IFB took care of everything and we have exactly the kitchen we want.

IFB Finished Projects | A Time Honoured Tradition | Customer Testimonial - IFB Modular Kitchen

What the future holds
I see my grandchildren growing up in this house. I see it remaining in the family just as the bakery has – for generations to come.